Schedule a consultation so that I may provide you with the information you need to allow you to make informed decisions.

If you would like, you can book a no-obligation phone/Zoom consult appointment here: click here for my availability. Once you book an appt, the Zoom login info will be listed at the bottom of your appointment confirmation e-mail.

There is nothing you need to bring to the first appointment, we are just talking to identify what stage you are in and how a divorce or legal separation is possible for you (without using attorneys).

If you decide to use my services, I charge flat fees, and I draft the required forms in my office, obtain signatures from you, and get your documents on file with the Court. I help with the entire process from beginning to end. In most cases, if you and your spouse are in agreement, you can avoid physically going to court to get your divorce. The flat-fee price will depend on whether the parties are in agreement, whether there are children and which county the parties live in. (Approximately $1500, not including the court’s filing fee is $435). Payment plans available for those who qualify.

I look forward to hearing from you to see how I can assist both, you and your spouse with your legal process. Feel free to reach out anytime. Thanks!

Check out my video on the Divorce Process from beginning to end (when both parties are in agreement) here: