Whether or not you need an attorney to legally represent you in your divorce will depend on the specifics of your case.

I offer form preparation services. I am not an attorney and can’t give legal advice. We rely on you to specifically direct us regarding the terms of your divorce.

People who may need an attorney include:

  • Persons not in agreement with the terms of the divorce (spousal support, child custody, child support, etc.)
  • Persons who need legal advice.
  • Persons that don’t understand their legal rights, and obligations.
  • Persons who need legal representation, perhaps at a Family Law Court hearing.
  • Persons who prefer not to make their own decisions.

I have helped hundreds of persons obtain their divorce in an amicable manner, without them having to hire an attorney. However, not all cases are the same, so if you believe that your case requires it, you can hire one in the beginning, or at anytime.



If you live in San Francisco/San Rafael, you may contact the Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) ’s Lawyer Referral Service at (415) 989-1616 to consult with an attorney, and/or to see if you qualify for a low fee or free attorney. The Bar charges $50 for a referral for a free 30 minute consultation with a California attorney (in person). More information is available on their website. https://www.sfbar.org/lris/

How much will a divorce attorney cost?

It depends on many factors, but the average hourly rate is about $300 dollars per hour, and most attorneys require a deposit of thousands of dollars. The average Californian cannot afford to hire an attorney.

Alternatives to Hiring an Attorney for full-blown legal representation:

Hire the attorney on a consulting basis

In this situation, the self-represented individual does not hire the attorney to handle the entire case, but the attorney is available to guide the client and answer questions regarding the divorce process.

Hire the Attorney in a Limited Scope capacity

There are times where some attorneys will sign contracts with clients to handle only a specific portion of the case, such as just for legal representation for an upcoming hearing, or just regarding the issue of child support. This is also known as unbundled serviceMore information is available here: https://selfhelp.courts.ca.gov/limited-scope-representation

Mediation Services

If for some reason, you and your spouse need help coming up with the proposed property division or want assistance in coming up with a visitation schedule that works well for both parties, you can hire a mediator to guide you both into coming up with your own agreement. Some mediators are also attorneys, but in the mediator capacity, they don’t represent either person. I can provide you with a list of competent and caring mediators in the Bay Area.

Form Preparation Services by a legal document assistant

Remember, if both parties are in agreement regarding the terms of their divorce, an attorney is not usually needed and the case can be completed without incurring huge attorney or mediator fees. However, I provide all of this information to let others know that they have options in getting hel

Good Luck.